Thursday, May 9, 2013

Here are some more photos that I have collected of M6 Wc-55s in action.

Here are some in Italy-

These two are extra cool because it is the same truck from different angles.

Here is a couple that I think are more USMC.  This is because of the lack of the markings on them (USMC did not mark their vehicles as much as the US Army did.)

Here are some shots of them coming out of the Chrysler plant in droves.

In my last post I talked about why the Jeep was too small to mount a 37mm cannon.  Here is an example of why.  There is no room for the crew to sit.  Although I like the 1917 water cooled machine gun for anti aircraft.
And here is a new M6 pic I just found on the internet.

Here is a great shot of the top of the bed with the 37mm and crew in place.

(copyright to Life magazine for the top two photos.  The others I grabbed from here and there across the internet so cannot cite the origin.)

Next post I will talk about some of the specifications of a WC-55 and what makes them unique from other Dodge military trucks.

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